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Tyreek Hill received the nickname "Cheetah"

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  Tireek Hill received the nickname "Cheetah" for a reason. The rookie wide receiver is a blur in any situation, be it on special teams or on offense, when he catches the ball in space and contorts his body to slither past defenders for big gains. It's not hyperbole to say Hill has been one of the biggest playmakers in the NFL this season . In fact, Hill is the only player to score a touchdown five different ways in 2015: as a pass catcher, on special teams (punt return and kickoff), as a runner and as a thrower. How Tireek Hill got his nickname of "Cheetah" Hill's speed was evident from the start of his NFL career. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said that Hill "looks like a cheetah when he runs." That comparison stuck, and Hill eventually adopted it as his nickname. The comparisons between Hill and actual cheetahs The comparisons between Hill and actual cheetahs are easy to make. They are both incredibly fast, agile creatures that can make defender